Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats and Dogs Natural


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Soft Claws

Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Paws nail caps are made in the USA using non-toxic vinyl. The nail caps are applied to your dogs nails using a non-toxic, cold-bonding, veterinary-grade adhesive, and are a completely safe and humane solution to dog scratching problems.

  • Contains 40 nail caps, 2 tubes of adhesive, applicator tips, and instructions
  • Solution to problematic scratching behavior
  • Developed by a veterinarian
  • Made in the USA with non-toxic materials
  • Does not interfere with dogs normal activities

Soft Claws Nail Caps Sizing Guide:
X-Small – Dogs 1-5 lbs
Small – Dogs 5-10 lbs
Medium – Dogs 10-15 lbs
Large – Dogs 15-20 lbs
X-Large – Dogs 20-40 lbs
XX-Large – Dogs 40-70 lbs
XXX-Large – Dogs 70 lbs and up